Monday, December 13, 2010

Refined Blog #9

Ok well I had a chance to pull up Michelle's blog and saw what you wanted.
Well I have always pictured myself taking care of others.For a long period,I strongly believed that I was would be a Nurse. But now I am geering towards becoming a Teacher. At firs I did not understand why I had to take English classes but now that I have began taking classes for school again after 16 years I have found the class to be useful.I am a sophmore at Waubonsee Community College taking English 102. I have always known that in whatever profession I end up in I knew I had to have a degree in that profession. I have tried to complete most of my assignments in a timely manner. I have learned quite a few new skills that will be useful tools for my next classes.The most important thing I learned in the TS/CD paragraphs, it is the best way a person could and should write.
I am a big fan of putting things off til the very last minute. Since I have been in this class I have been trying to complete and turn in all of my work on time. Because I did not want to have to cram the last few weeks of school.Now I have a pattern or schedule, I make sure i do my English Homework On the Weekend and I do my other schoolwork during the week to space it out. that way I will have enough time to revise and rewrite my papers.
I have learned how to analyze and summarize a movie. I have learned to summarize different readings and give my opinion.I have learned to voice my own opinion about the different readings. I also learned how to think outside of my own thoughts asthough I was a person sitting in the audience. I have alson learned how to use synonyms with verbs to ensure the correct word is being used.
Overall I have learned a lot in this class and hopefully i will remember to use the different techniques that I have learned in my upcoming classes. I know ther is still need for much improvement in my writings.

Blog 9

Well for starters I think I did learn quite a lot from this english class.It took me some time to comprehend exactly how to write a TS/Cd paragraph. I just kept on writing the way that I would normally write a paraagraph by telling a story. But once I got the TS/CD down, it was then that I was able to respond to many different types of texts.
Another thing that I had to understand was to not use the words you and your in my essays or just in my paragraphs. I better understan that the reader could take offence when reading my readings because she or he may hink that I am talking directly to them.
I also learned not to use contractions eventhough most people people use contractions when they talk. Plus not using contractions take up more of the paper. HaHaha! One thing I did not understand was why Teachers do not like exclamation points.I like using exclamation points I feel that it helps the reader better understand my expression that I am feeling at that time.
As far as quoting, I have learned that I must quote everything in my paper that is not in my own words. Even if it is rephrased or shall I say, even if I reword the phrase. I remember way back when I was in high school I did not quote everything that was taken from another source.
I had problems analyzing the movie Beautiful Girl, the critical analysis paper was the hardest paper for me in this class. I found it hard for to be able to analyze a movie because I really did not know who to start with. Plus the characters in the movie were a bunch of immature jerks. The last time I had to analyze something was a poem that read in english 101. I analyzed the poem line for line and maybe that is where I made my mistake at when doing the critical analysis.
Now as far as the research paper goes, i really did not want to do it. Knowing or thinking that it was a big part of my grade is frightening(spelling). Its like the pressure of being judged or something. The topic was a good one butit was just getting all the information then putting it together. I am still in the learning process as far as researching not to say that the techniques we used in this class was bad its just that every teacher has their own way of how they want a paper to look.
Overall I think that i met most of the goals in most of the papers. At this point itis too late to make revisions on any of the papers so I have not worked on any revisions today.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog 8

My research paper is going ok so far.I am having trouble with the citations, I do not quite get where to put the in text citations. But on the last two TS/CD paragraphs I think I finally have the in text citations done correctly.The topic is going well i think . I believe I choose a good topic but I will see once I receive my grade.Overall the paper is coming along just fine.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog 7

The definition of humor to me is something or someone making me laugh or something or someone that is very funny.I am thinking of just laughing so much that I may have to go to the bathroom.Sometimes I may have to laugh outloud when something is funny or if something is very funny but if it is not the right time to laugh I can hold it in for a little while.Oh my God that cocaine was not only funny it was hilarious I can picture something like that on a comedy show or in a movie.When you mention style it makes me think of a person's fashion or the way that person moves or acts. But now that I see that you are talking about writing styles I guess I never really considered the way I write is a style but I guess it is.

Blog 6

Ok, I thought that I had already posted this blog but I gess I had not. This blog is for the critical analysis.Well as far as the analysis part goes I really did not quite remember the movie to be able to make a critical analysis on it. Sometimes I may have to watch the movie over and over before I can get a good feel about the movie. As for my paper, It was horrible because I did not write my opinion on the movie. I thought that I was just suppose to I do not know what I was suppose to write on the movie , I forgot. I failed to use citations at the end of the sentences. I did not have my bibliography page attached to the paper. Overall the paper could have been written better than what it was, thats why I am going to redo the entire parer. I am going to make sure that I attach the bibliography page along with making sure that I add citations where needed.So when you grade it this time I hope that I will receive a better grade than before. Overall the movie was good I just did not like that there were so many main characters that I had to remember and write about.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog 5

I could say that my paper was flawless but that is not the case, I am human and boy do I make penty of mistakes. The first thing I would think about when I get my paper back ws did it appeal to the audience. Then I would consider revising the entire paper because when you look over someting such as an English paper you always come up with new ideas.The new idea part is tough for me because I would come up with a whole different paper so I would much rather stick to my original draft on the paper. Once I reread and reread the paprI find many errors and thats why I would rather just try to do better the first try. And I know that I had mny reeatsed words on the evaluative essay because I have a little problem wit transitions so I try not to repeat the same words over and over again.

Blog 1

While trying to find a reading in the book They Say I say, I came across "In Other Words" The Art of Metacommentary. This reading caught my attention because I wntd to know not only wha this reading was about but the word meanig of Metacommentary, I knew what commentary meant but not metacommentary. So I began to read and realized after the first couple of setences that I was not the only who did not know what commentary meant.But after readingI realized that I did know what the word meant, I just had not ever heard that particular word before. am becoming very famliar wit this book and I use it a lot when I am trying to draft an essay .In this particular reading I have learned that I use the Art of Metacommentary every single and just didn't did not know that there was such a word for it.I also understand the use of metatext now, it just explains th way to interpret what is being said or sen.Well now ta I knowabout metacommentary I hope I can use it to help me better understnd the meanings of things . Come to think of it metcommentary kinda of reminds of context clues,either way they are both useful.